links for 2010-11-05

  • The Molecular & Cell Biology department at North Dakota State University hosts a nice collection of virtual cell animations. The collection of virtual cell animations introduces students to seventeen molecular and cellular processes. For each process there is a series of annotated images, a text explanation, and a video explaining the process. -Free Technology for Teachers
  • Today, Google launched a new community on YouTube for Google Docs users to share tips and ideas for using Google Docs in education and other arenas. The community features how-to videos created by Google and by Google Docs users just like you. The video playlists cover everything from the very basics through advanced features of spreadsheets in Google Docs. -Free Technology for Teachers
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    (tags: storytelling)
  • Rag Linen is an online museum of rare and historic newspapers. The newspapers on Rag Linen are arranged into ten collections. Eight of those collections are based upon events in North American and US History. The other two collections introduce readers to the history of newspapers and feature publisher imprints. Select any of the collections to find background information about an event and view newspapers published at the time about that event. In addition to the newspaper collections, Rag Linen offers a nice selection of links to videos, blogs, and books related to newspapers' roles in recording history. -Free Technology for Teachers
  • illustrated version of the Gettysburg address

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