links for 2010-11-20

  • Google's Product Search is adding local inventory listings from more than 70 retailers, including Best Buy, to show you not only the cheapest price on an item, but the closest place you can grab it and bring it home the same day. Enter your item into Product Search, then note a new "Nearby Stores" button below your main results. If one of Google's retail partners has that item in stock, you'll see a Maps display of where those stores are, how many they have, and how much they're going for. It is, as Google puts it, a well-timed upgrade as the holiday shopping season kicks in. -LifeHacker
  • If you are an iPad user, you can now see the top apps available using the Visual search from Bing. Instead of searching for apps in the Apple app store, this visual search brings in the top apps in different categories. The visual search has top apps in free, paid, newest ones, top in games, entertainment and also the top list of expensive apps. You can also sort them based on the category like education, entertainment, lifestyle, productivity etc. -LifeRocks2.0
    (tags: ipad apps search)
  • make images with your own text that look like they were created with an old-fashioned labelmaker

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