links for 2010-12-03

  • There is a great resource out there from Center for Instructional Technology at the University of South Florida called Tech-Ease that I can point my teachers to. This is a great site that is basically a giant FAQ database on everything tech. There are topics on the Internet, Hardware, Files and Sharing, Email, Images, Chat and Classroom Management. When you choose your topic there is a list of common questions that teachers or other tech users might ask. For example in the hardware section there are questions like what is a flash drive, or how do I burn a CD in Windows XP? The questions are basic for those of us who work in tech everyday but very common for those that don't. Each section also provide additional links to other resources that users can consult when they have questions. -Blogging About the Web2.0 Connected Classroom
  • embed a scientific calculator into your website
  • Data Masher is a neat tool for creating visual comparisons of data sets about the United States. Data Masher displays data comparisons on maps and in list form. To use Data Masher just select a data set, select an operator, and select a second data set. After making those selections Data Masher will generate a map and lists for comparing data sets state by state. If you don't like the way your comparisons turned out, you can go back and edit your choices.- Free Technology for Teachers
  • webapp is very simple. You click an empty space on your corkboard to create a new sticky note and begin to type. You can move it around, resize, and delete. But what makes a bit cooler than your average sticky notes widget is that you can send your corkboard's URL to anyone and they can not only view your sticky notes but add to them as well. In the future it would be great to see some basic text styles (like font size, font weight, and the ability to make lists) as well as colored notes for better organization (or as a means to differentiate between different creators). Sharing options, such as a view-only mode (for non-creators), would also be helpful. That said, is particularly nice thanks to its simplicity. While I'd find those features welcome, their absence doesn't hurt the webapp's usefulness. -lifehacker
  • DROPitTOme is a free service that works with Drop Box to allow people to upload files to your Drop Box account without giving them access to the contents of your Drop Box account. For those not familiar with Drop Box it is a service that provides 2GB of free online file storage (by the way, that's way more than the 100mb offered). You can access your Drop Box from any computer and most mobile devices. You can also sync it across multiple computers.  DROPitTOme works by synchronizing with your Drop Box account. After connecting the two services DROPitTOme provides a url that you can give to others to upload files to your Drop Box account. You must specify a password that has to be entered before an upload can take place. Give the url and password to those people you want to be able to upload files to your Drop Box account. -Free Technology for Teachers
  • Free mathematics software; interactive graphics, algebra, spreadsheet. At the GeoGebra website you will find the GeoGebra Wiki which lists teaching materials and directions by grade level and content area. If you're a first-time or relatively inexperienced GeoGebra user, you will want to check out the GeoGebra quickstart guide and introductory ebooks. To ask questions and converse with other teachers using GeoGebra, the user discussion forum is the place to go. Finally, visit the GeoGebra YouTube channel for video tutorials. -Free Technology for Teachers
  • DigiDesiderata is an version of Max Erhmann's Desiderata (1927) that encouraged digital civility. Posters are available at*. Instructional materials are available at the Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use –

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