QR Codes in the Classroom

A while ago I wrote about QR codes. I just came across this idea from the Design for Learning blog that mentions how QR codes could be used in a primary classroom with a webcam and desktop software:

Make some Kindy-rings. Make 10 QR codes, laminated as swing-tags. All they have to do is show them to the webcam and Ding! you’re little ones are visiting websites you want. No faffing about with them typing in a web address. Even better, they can then do a bunch of things without the teacher hovering.
I think some of our primary teachers would like this. QR code cards could be used to differentiate instruction by giving students different cards based on formative assessment results.
QR codes could be used:
  • on worksheets to: lead to interactive websites with more practice, display a website with examples or explanations, or even to provide an answer key.
  • in the school newspaper to link to related videos and other media.
  • in physical locations around a school to provide visitors with further information:
    • near the front door to display contact information and hours of operation.
    • outside classroom and office doors to display business cards or a department website.
    • on a calendar bulletin board that links to videos of science labs for students who have been absent.
    • on cards in library books to: play book review podcasts by students; access book discussions; view the author’s website; display Amazon book reviews.
    • on posters in the hallways that display maps with directions to an event, further details, a survey or poll.
  • on objects in a Foreign Language classroom to play an audio file that prononces its name in the language of study.
  • on the bones of a skeleton model to display the name and details about specific bones.

This video illustrates how the a High School in the McGuffey School District in Pennsylvania are using QR Codes.

Additional ideas can be found in collective slideshow: 28 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom started by Tom Barrett.

Image Credit: Thinkmobi Licenses CC by-nc

2 thoughts on “QR Codes in the Classroom

  1. Wow, this is a wonderful idea, especially for my early childhood class.

    I’ve found it easy to use QR codes on mobile devices that have a multitude of apps developed for scanning (my favourite is QR from Grip’d). But I must say I’m disappointed that there’s no similar, easy to use interface for webcams on PCs. Am I missing something?

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