links for 2010-12-19

  • … the nuts and bolts of setting-up a shot, lighting, capturing sound, and other technical aspects of capturing video footage. That's where the Vimeo Video School could be helpful for you and your students. The Vimeo Video School is a collection of how-to lessons for videographers by videographers. The lessons cover everything from the very basics (Video 101) through advanced techniques. At the end of almost every lesson is a "challenge." The challenges are a call to action to go out and put what you've learned to use. Videos in the Vimeo Video School are a mix of videos produced by Vimeo staff and videos produced by others and approved by Vimeo staff. -Free Technology for Teachers
  • Find HSL variations of colors easilyCreate a color palette simplyGet the CSS color codeGet a list of colors (technical name,hexadecimal and RGB value)Get scripts examples for color integration into a web pageFind many color options ( Invert/Greyscale/Web color/Complementary/Analogic )

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