Shmoop: ACT Test Prep

While attending/presenting at FETC in January, I investigated SAT test prep resources and came across Shmoop. Shmoop uses attention-grabbing allegories in lessons that include video games, fashion, and travel. After a few minutes on the site, you will notice the wry humor that adds an entertainment factor. The product has received promising reviews from such organization as: PC Magazine, eSchoolNews, School Library Journal, The Journal, ZDNET, The New York Times, and more.

Test Drive

Shmoop has provided us with a free trial.

  1. Access Shmoop’s ACT Prep Webpage.
  2. Click the “login” link (near top right corner of page).

Teacher’s Editions

Shmoop offers more than 80 free Teacher’s Editions in Literature, US History, and Civics. Shmoop Teacher’s Editions that include: hundreds of standards-aligned classroom activities and assignments, a primer for teachers who haven’t taught the topic previously, and interdisciplinary readings in English and Social Studies.

Free Online Learning Guides

Shmoop provides more than 600 free Learning Guides in ten subjects: Literature, Poetry, Shakespeare, Bestsellers, U.S. History, Civics, Economics, Biography, Music, and Pre-Algebra. Shmoop Learning Guides contain analysis, questions, quotes, and multimedia for each topic.  Shmoop uses a conversational tone in combination with pop culture, trivia and humor to help make topics approachable and relevant to students.

Feedback & Purchasing

Send me your feedback and let me know if you are interested in using the product with your students. For just under $1000 we can purchase annual subscriptions for all our High School students.


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