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  • The Chemistry Add-in for Word makes it easier for students, chemists and researchers to insert and modify chemical information, such as labels, formulas and 2D depictions, from within Microsoft Office Word. It harnesses the power of Chemical Markup Language (XML for chemistry), making it possible to not only author chemical content in Word, but also to include the data behind those structures.  Put simply, the Chemistry Add-in for Word and Chemical Markup Language help to makes chemistry documents open, readable and easily accessible, not just to other humans, but to other technologies as well.

    tags: chemistry word addon science

  • Polling, surveys, forms, and online assessments are wonderful tools. QuestionPress will take you one step further by giving you the LIVE interaction you want with your responders. QuestionPress will help you gather a digital show of hands and more, whether the responders are in the same room or across the globe. And since QuestionPress is web-based, it works on any Internet capable computer or device.
    Detailed description of service:

    tags: polls survey backchannel clickers feedback student.response.system

  • Another service that can be used as a student response system is Poll Everywhere. They have a nice Web interface that looks great on a laptop or mobile device. Poll Everywhere can also take responses through text messages. Students text in their answers to the teacher’s question using identifying codes. Be aware that Poll Everywhere and Google Docs do not provide feedback to students since there is no way to indicate correct and incorrect answers. While there is a free Poll Everywhere plan for K-12 classrooms, the $50 per year plan gives teachers the ability to see individual student responses and to approve text-based responses before they appear for the whole class to see.

    tags: polls survey backchannel clickers feedback student.response.system

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  • Courses available for download from Open High School of Utah: English Composition, English 9, Algebra A, Algebra, Algebra 1, Social Studies -Current Issues, Geography, Earth Systems, Computer Technology

    tags: moodle courses science math socialstudies geography algebra comart english

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