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  • Zen Viewer is the incredible iPad file reader & viewer that unifies your favorite content in one place – read documents, PDFs, books, user manuals, comic books, listen to pre-recorded audio & music files, record & save audio with the built-in recorder, watch video and view photos & images, while utilizing an intuitive folder system and a style unmatched by other file viewers and readers.

    Zen Viewer also enables you to store, organize, rename, compress and password protect your files & folders. You can also simply & easily drag and drop files from column to column. It includes 6 stunning, free themes plus additional premium themes that are available in Zen Viewer’s Theme Manager.

    Zen Viewer supports a ton of features including ultra smooth viewing of large, graphic-intensive PDF files, connecting to web servers like Dropbox, MobileMe and and file type preset speed buttons for enhanced & quick file searching of your folders and files.

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  • a free service offering online multimedia booklet creation and publishing. To create a book using Simple Booklet just sign-up for a free account and click create. Select the layout template that suits your needs. To add content click anywhere on the blank canvas and a menu of options will appear. You can add text, images, audio files, videos, and links to each page of your booklet. Each page of your Simple Booklet can have multiple elements on it. To include videos you can upload your own files or select from a variety of provides including SchoolTube, TeacherTube, YouTube, and others. To add audio to your pages you can upload your own files or again select from the online hosts, Sound Cloud, or Mix Cloud. When you’re done building pages in your Simple Booklet you can share it online by embedding it into a webpage or you can share the unique link generated for your booklet.  -Free Technology for Teachers

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  • The International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL) brings a worldwide collection of free children’s books to the iPad. The largest collection of its kind, the ICDL spans the globe with thousands of children’s books from over 60 countries, in a wide assortment of beautiful languages with captivating illustrations. Meet the six Mongolian brothers in search of knowledge, the gray Palestinian peacemaker cat that does something most unusual to the other cat’s ears, or a version of the Three Little Pigs that you surely have never heard before.

    The ICDL is brought to you on the iPad with the kind support of the University of Maryland’s Human-Computer Interaction Lab and the International Children’s Digital Library Foundation. It presents:

    * The full ICDL collection (thousands of books)
    * Completely free
    * Books in dozens of languages
    * iPad support for rotation (automatically shows two pages at a time in landscape view)
    * All books have summaries in English and the native language of the book
    * Special support for readability – by zooming text (for many books)
    * Many books translated into other languages

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  • The International Children’s Digital Library hosts thousands of books in 54 languages from more than 60 countries. Visitors are free to browse the library and read books without having to register. If you choose to register you can save your page while reading a book and create a personal bookshelf. ICDL offers free iPhone and iPad apps for reading books on those devices. 
    You can browse the ICDL by age group, by genre, by language, by book length, and even by the color of the books’ covers. Once you’ve found a book you can flip through it page by page or select an individual page from the grid display of the book’s contents.

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  • – Simple user interface
    – Password protection
    – Allows multiple journals
    – Stores photos with optional captions
    – Allows text customization
    – Each journal can have a theme
    – Displays date, time, & title for each entry
    – Contains a calendar for ease of use
    – Allows searching, browsing, reorganizing of entries
    – Import plain text files
    – Exports an entry or journal through File Sharing; supported formats: PDF,TXT,EPUB
    – Can send an entry/PDF/EPUB via email
    – Performs backup of a journal via Dropbox
    – Saves upon quitting

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  • IDroo is an educational multi user whiteboard that lets students instantly collaborate online.  Everything that is drawn or written on the whiteboard is visible to all participants in real-time.  IDroo supports an unlimited number of meeting participants, the only limitations are computer power and internet connection speed.  There is a professional math typing tool built-in making it easy to teach or work through math problems collaboratively. Best of all, IDroo can be used with Skype! IDroo is free for non-commercial use. Now for the downfall (and this is a HUGE downfall in my humble opinion), IDroo is currently only available for Windows.  -iLearn Technology

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  • How to embed a video in an ebook to be viewed with iBooks on the iPad.

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  • Toasted Cheese is a daily writing prompt site that publishes prompts on a monthly calendar. The whole month is laid out for you with a different prompt each day. Don’t see anything you like on the current calendar? That’s okay, click through the previous months to find old prompts. Periodically, Toasted Cheese holds writing contests which you can learn about by clicking on the links on the calendar. The writing contests are based on one or more of the prompts from the calendar. -Free Technology for Teachers

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