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  • Beautiful web-based timeline software

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  • Dropbox Forms is a free service (built into web form creation tool, JotForm) that creates a web-based form that anyone can use to upload files directly to your Dropbox folder. Simply click the Create a Dropbox Form button and grant the service access to your Dropbox account (you can revoke access at any time by logging into your Dropbox account and visiting the My Apps tab of your account settings). Once you’ve done that, the webapp will provide you with two options: Either a direct link to a form hosted on JotForm’s web site or embed code you can use to put the upload form on your own site. When someone uploads a file to your account using Dropbox Forms, it automatically syncs to your Dropbox under Dropbox\JotForm\Send a File\. If the person who sent the file filled out the accompanying form, the synced folder will also contain a PDF listing the submission date, person’s name, email address, and a note (if they added one). -LifeHacker

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  • CarbonFin Outliner for iPad allows you to organize your thoughts, tasks, and projects. Easily create a todo list for today, or track an entire project anywhere you are. Share your outlines, edit them online, and collaborate with other Outliner users.

    * Create outlines for structured notes, lists, tasks, tasks with subtasks, projects, etc.
    * Search through all your outlines, or find text in the current outline.
    * Tag your outlines, and filter based on tag.
    * Create items as tasks (with checkboxes) or not
    * Add notes to items
    * Get a quick view of the progress of a parent task – each shows pie charts to indicate what percent of child items are complete
    * Mark an entire tree as complete/not complete at once
    * Easily move items within an outline using drag and drop
    * Show each item’s notes within the outline, or hide them to make more room
    * Show or hide outline numbering
    * Copy/paste a single item or all items
    * Undo/redo
    * Email outlines as text or OPML
    * TextExpander support

    Outliner Online Features:
    * Securely synchronize your outlines with Outliner Online
    * View and edit your outlines in any web browser
    * Import outlines as OPML
    * Save your outlines as text or OPML

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