Recently Tagged 04/09/2011

  • HS teacher doing a unit on Julius Caesar uses Fakebook and Google Earth for a project-based learning unit. Includes the scoring guide used and student samples.

    tags: comarts reading facebook projectbasedlearning templates

  • If you want to see a complete listing of Amazon’s free Kindle books, eReaderIQ will do that for you and more.

    Amazon offers a lot of Kindle books for free on their site, even excluding the public domain ones. eReaderIQ is an easy-to-browse database of all of Amazon’s free offerings at any given time, and it’s update hourly—meaning you have a large, accurate list to browse for completely free reading material. You don’t need to sign up or anything, you can just head over and start browsing. Clicking on a book will take you to its Amazon page, from which you can send it right to your Kindle (or other device running Kindle software).

    tags: ebooks kindle

  • Edistorm allows you to organize your ideas in a real time interactive wall. Each sticky note can have its own color and the users decide what the arrangement means to them. Each user picks their favorite ideas and Edistorm brings the best ones forward.

    tags: stickies note notes collaboration BulletinBoard

    • Create a bulletin board full of sticky notes and share with others via a unique URL.

      tags: stickies note notes collaboration BulletinBoard corkboard

    • Create organized notes in color coordinated boxes and then share with others.

      tags: collaboration todo lists notes

      • A sticky note site designed for teachers and students to post notes in real time. Filtering of notes can be done for a fee-based subscription.

        tags: notes sticky collaboration

      • iTalk’s simple, intuitive user inferface lets you start/stop, choose recording quality, and manage the list of your recordings, all with just one fingertip. Run iTalk to record on your iPhone, ipod, or ipad. Email your recording straight from iTalk, or run iTalk Sync on your computer to transfer your recordings from your device to your computer via network connection. iTalk Sync allows you to easily transfer recordings that are too big to email. IIt searches your network to find any iPhone or iPod touch that’s running iTalk, and allows you to just drag your recordings from your iPhone or iPod to your computer’s desktop. Files are an aiff format and can be opened/edited in Audacity. Free version can email files up to 2 MB is size. A 23 second recording in best quality is more than 2 MB. Paid version is just $1.99.

        tags: ipod ipad app recording podcasting esl

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