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  • oogle Forms is a great tool and I hope to use it more throughout this year. Take a look here for a more detailed introduction and guide to using and creating a Google Form – this was written prior to Google bringing forms into the NEW menu.
    I have created example forms for each of the different topics, follow the links in each of the ten sections. With help from a Googler I have included a link so that you can get your own copy of the form – click on the appropriate link and it should open in your docs home.

    tags: google.forms templates examples

  • Use Google to find the answer to the provided “Today’s Question.” The answer is available, along with search tips on how to find the correct answer.

    tags: search lessons

  • Free for teachers. Each of your students gets a personalized account with a curriculum that you’ve chosen, mapped to state standards and customized to your lesson plans. They can practice topics covered in class, complete assignments, or review past concepts to refresh themselves – whenever they want, as much as they want. No limits. They also unlock games and certificates based on their performance to keep them motivated. Your account allows you to monitor, assign and review your students work. You can easily assign work to your students or even send them a note congratulating them on their good work. You can even let a parent know that their child is doing really well with parent messaging. You get reports which give you an instant snapshot on the entire class, a particular concept, or an individual student.

    tags: math tutorials differentiatedinstruction algebra geometry

  • Paste in a youtube link and then edit to select just a certain part to view

    tags: youtube editing video

    • tags: math reference forum

      • with AnimateStar kids can learn the basics of animation using a 40 frame easy to use interface. Animations can be as short as 2 frames or as long as 40 frames. Kids can save too!

        tags: animation

      • website features four Nobel laureates explaining their lives as chemists, their work, and the beauty of chemistry in four 7-8 minutes videos

        tags: chemistry videos

      • Use our proven college search and preparation strategy to guide you through the college search process, help you find affordable higher education options and get you into college – regardless of your financial situation.

        tags: college counseling search.tool search

      • tags: charity community.service

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