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  • First and foremost, this is just ONE teaching strategy. It’s a good one. It isn’t the only one. I don’t know any teachers that are both one trick ponies and also good teachers. Add this trick to your repertoire, don’t make it your repertoire. Secondly, consider how these points, and related questions, can help improve your flipped classroom.

    I’m not saying ‘don’t use a flipped classroom’, I’m just saying, ‘be thoughtful about how you use it!’

    tags: flippedclassroom instructionaldesign pedagogy

  • This mathematical application provides a well developed review guide. Categories include Fundamentals, Equations and Inequalities, Linear Graphs and Systems, Polynomials, Rationals and Radicals, Quadratics and Functions. Each topic offers a definition, and various types of verbal and graphical examples. Through two modes: Practice questions provides 300+ questions with worked solutions that is divided into Algebraic topics. Upon practicing, users have the option to set the number of questions that they would like to complete from 1-25. As they practice, they are timed, have the ability to write notes and also the implementation of a scratch pad. While performance test includes five different tests with a question bank of 100 questions and immediate feedback. Two additional components are the progress report generator and an ALG-o-meter. Provide a challenge for those “high flyers” by sharing with them the ALG-o-meter. Here users can see how they are performing compared to other test takers around the world.

    tags: algebra ipod ipad app math

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