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  • a free iPhone and iPad 2 app for recording videos with cartoon effects. The free app offers nine cartoon effects that you can use. The free Cartoonatic app also provides five sound tracks that you can add to your videos.

    tags: ipad ipod cartoon video storytelling

  • create a visual using the SAMR model to include concrete examples from our school to illustrate to our teachers what tasks are considered in the substitution/augmentation/modification/redefinition stages. We want to be transparent in showing our expectations of basic tasks being led autonomously by the classroom teachers to teach and support students without the necessity of tech support to be present. At the same time, we wanted to emphasize the progression and show what transformational teaching and learning looks like.

    tags: tech.integration edtech standards samr

  • Web Doc is a new service that is best described as a blog platform that offers rich multimedia commenting. If you’ve ever tried Tumblr, Web Doc will initial look familiar to you. Web Doc makes it easy to create a new post full of multiple media formats. Web Doc provides templates for changing the visual background of each post, widgets for all kinds of purposes (calendar, games, etc), and of course lots of options for video and image display.
    What makes Web Doc unique is that people who visit your Web Doc can reply with Web Docs of their own. In other words, the comments written in reply to your Web Doc can contain all of the rich multimedia elements that a Web Doc started from scratch can contain. This takes commenting to a new level compared to “traditional” blog platforms that only allow hyperlinks to be inserted into a comment.
    Applications for Education
    One way that I can envision Web Doc being used in the classroom is as a collaborative blog about current news events. One student could start a Web Doc by posting a news video he or she found online and writing a reflection on the video. The other students could then build the conversation by adding their own text, image, or video comments. -Free Technology for Teachers

    tags: multimedia blog collaboration web.publishing

  • Having an international keyboard allows you to type onscreen in various international languages as your physical keyboard mostly has only one language. i2Type is a nice online service which provides keyboard in various international languages. You can copy the typed content to clipboard for use in any website. Moreover you can even search on Google and other social sites using the typed language. When you select your language, you can display invisible characters by pressing either Caps Lock, Shift, Ctrl + Alt, or Ctrl + Alt + Shift.

    tags: keyboard international foreign.language

  • tags: dna science

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