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  • The button to choose arrows, shapes, and lines to include in the screencast (Customize with colors, thickness and border)
    The ability to type (not just use handwriting)
    Have the build-in ability to crop (design your own crop by drawing the lines around the area, instead of a traditional rectangular cropping area)
    Importing images do NOT have to solely come from the iPad Photo roll, but can also be imported from the camera, Dropbox and Evernote.
    The different pieces you draw, type or import become objects that can individually be manipulated (resized, deleted and are treated to be a on a layer that can be send to back, front, etc)
    The app is set up to create different slides (just as PowerPoint or Keynote), move the order of the slides and give me the opportunity to use it in presentation mode.

    Import ability of images, PowerPoint and Keynote files that can be opened via your email, through Dropbox and Evernote.
    Export features: I am not forced to upload the video file to the company’s site. I have CHOICES! I can export a screenshot of the slide I created to my Photo Roll (this feature is huge for me, since I can now import the movie file directly from here into iMovie on the iPad and make the screencast part of a larger movie), via e-mail, to Dropbox or Evernote.

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    • In a typical school day, what 30 minutes will your students remember the most?
    • Can students actually point to some place in the day that they recall learning something? Is there a event in the day that peaked their attention?
    • students will always remember the social over the academic, especially the high schoolers.”
    • passions of the students
    • vast majority of these passions are social in nature (major sports, drama, cheerleading, band, clubs, orchestra, etc.).
    • the idea that our lessons and our curriculum need to be more social in nature.
    • Facebook or Twitter into lessons. I think that this approach, while well intentioned, may be somewhat misguided
    • lessons by nature need to be social and the tools are selected because they naturally  complement the learning.
    • Problem-based learning
    • emphasize collaboration, encourage socialization, and also address student passions by eliciting emotional responses to the learning
    • without an emotional response of some kind, no learning takes place.
    • Skype
    • collaborate with one another even though their classes were in separate schools across the district.
    • we need to show teachers and administrators how to shift instruction in ways that makes classroom learning more social and less isolated
    • But we also tell them to power down their social lives.
    • Showing teachers how to properly incorporate social media into classroom lessons is the first step
    • Building lessons based on problem solving, encouraging collaboration, tapping into their innate passion for social contact can not only ignite student’s neurons but form that emotional attachment
    • stand back and let the students, with guidance, begin to develop their own social learning experiences

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