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Have you tried a Livescribe smart pen? Basically, these pens record audio and your writing, or embed audio into paper. Dig a little deeper, and you will find the true power this mighty pen holds in the hands of a student or teacher. This video can give you a quick preview of a smart pen:

Video Tutorials: Click this image to view a video tutorial from Math teacher, Sue Glascoe, which she made available online for her students to view (a pencast) similar to the popular Khan Academy productions. Notice that you can go full screen, click on any writing on the page to jump to the audio that was recorded at that point, rewind/fast forward, and zoom in and out. You can also download a pdf of the notes. A pencast can be saved to be a completely self-contained pencast PDF file, which can easily be emailed. When using Adobe Reader 10 or higher to open this special PDF file, it will contain the writing, sound and animation, with a play/pause/stop bar which is not available in most PDF files.

Lecture Notes: Click this image to watch a pencast from Mr. Disaster about President Abe Lincoln. In this example, instead of writing words during the audio recording, he is drawing an illustration, which helps to hold the listener’s attention.

Additional Uses


Install the free LiveScribe Desktop software and then sign up for a free online MyLiveScribe account to receive 500 MB of free online storage for your pencasts. After syncing your pen and sending your recording to your MyLiveScribe account, you will be provided with a direct link to your pencast as well as embedding code.

The Connect feature allows you to use a command to automatically send a new pencast to such sites as Evernote or your Google Site when you sync you pen.

With any of the Livescribe pens you can use Connect to sync to *Evernote, Facebook, MS One Note, MyLiveScribe, your computer, your iPad or iPhone. To use the command feature to **email or sync notes to Google Docs and Google Sites you will need Connect Premium. All 4GB and 8GB Echo smartpens come with Connect Premium. 2GB Echo or Pulse smartpen users can purchase an upgrade to Connect Premium.

*Until January 31, 2012, you can get get a free 1 year subscription to Evernote Premimum with the purchase of any Livescribe pen.

**You can still email PDF Pencasts of your notes from your computer without Connect Premium. It’s just the process won’t be automated for you upon syncing.


There are many apps available for purchase (some free) to use with the smart pen including:

  • Sound Stickers: includes stickers that you can place on any paper to turn it into Livescribe paper.
  • Translation apps: Write in English and the pen will read it to you in Spanish.
  • OCR: You can purchase MyScript that will transcribe your hand written notes into text.
  • iPad/iPod/iPhone: The Pencast Player app is available for viewing uploaded pencasts.

Cost of Ownership

Willard High School Teachers: If you would like to test drive a Livescribe pen, I have a couple available for check out.


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