Online Lesson Planner

PlanBookEdu is an online lesson planner. Since it’s online, you can create, edit, view, and print your plans from various devices with Internet access. You can attach files to your entry, include hyperlinks, and tag it with standards. With just a click you can share your plans with a colleague or a substitute.

Signing Up and Creating a Planbook

After clicking the Signup button and creating an account, you will set up your planbook choosing from a variety of customization options, which can be edited later if needed.

Entering Plans

Once the Calendar page is displayed click a day to start making entries.

I like the option to bump lessons to the next day (thinking snow day). The drag button makes it easy to move or copy entries. They provide several layouts to choose from when printing your plans, as well as some tips on how to make it all fit on one page.

When editing an entry, you can choose a standard(s), attach a file(s), and include hyperlinks. This would be very helpful if you have resources in Google Docs or Evernote that you would like to reference, or even just a website to use during the lesson. The toolbar offers sufficient editing features to make a lengthy entry easy to read with a numbered list, highlights, etc. The “This entry should appear” menu allows to you to set entries to repeat, or create a template.

Managing Your Planbooks

By clicking Planbooks in the top blue bar you can choose to create, delete, or copy a planbook. For each of your planbooks you can edit the settings and enter off days.


Some Common Core and Missouri Standards are included, as well as the option to enter custom standards. The Standards link shows a list of the standards with options to view which ones you’ve taught, and add or search standards.


Anyone can view a shared planbook, no account required. When sharing a planbook (view access only, no editing rights) you can set the start and end dates, choose an expiration period, and set an access option:

  • Restricted: Only those people you list can view it. You enter the email address and send a notification. This person will receive an email message with a link to click to view your planbook, or a section of the planbook. They will need to enter their email address to access the planbook.
  • Open: Anyone can view it. You enter the email address and send a notification. This person will receive an email message with a link to click to view your planbook, or a section of the planbook. You will be also be provided with code to embed the planbook in a webpage.

On this Share page will also be listed any planbooks published by other teachers that have been shared with you.


  • Free Basic Service: limited features; you can NOT: attach files, share, export to Word/PDF, print from browser, tag with standards, embed planbook, or use the spell check.
  • 14-day Premium Trial: Try all the features of the Premium Account for free for 14 days.
  • Premium Account: $25 per year, group discounts available

This online planner can free you from the file cabinet and 3 ring binders lining your shelves. You can scan any papers for which you don’t have digital copies to create a digital library of your resources. It provides anywhere, anytime access to your lesson plans, allowing you to easily communicate your plans with others. I wish it offered a way to password protect certain attached files (tests), or have a teacher and student view. Then you could embed your planbook or link to it on a webpage to post your assignment for students and parents to access, still attaching all the files a teacher would need, but not allowing any previews of tests for students. I wish the sharing feature included rights to allow editing to facilitate teacher collaboration in the creation of lesson plans.

What are your thoughts?


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