RSS Reader App for the iPad

It’s been an ongoing search for the perfect RSS Reader App for my iPad. I’ve tried several including: Reeder, Flipbook, Pulse, and Google Reader through the Google app.

Features that I look for in a Reader

  • sync with Google Reader
  • tag articles in Diigo
  • tag articles in Evernote
  • email articles
  • view articles in condensed form (title only) for scanning, or in long form (complete article)
  • automatically mark items as read while scrolling
  • option to mark a folder of feeds read, even if I haven’t scrolled through them
  • access article through web browser
  • maintain folder structure I’ve used in Google Reader to organize and prioritize my feeds
  • manage subscriptions: add, delete
  • manage folders: add, delete, arrange
  • hide read items

Mr. Reader is very close to being my perfect iPad Reader App. It meets all the criteria above. I like that I can select a folder of feeds to scroll through, scanning titles and choosing which ones to open and read in depth. In my Tech folder I have placed subscriptions to general tech sites, not educational tech. I read just a few of these articles in depth. In Mr. Reader I can process this folder more quickly than I can on my computer using Google Reader because it marks the articles read that I have scrolled past while skimming titles and start of the article, (this is a setting in preferences).

For my Edtech folder I tap the first article to open it RSS view. I use the next arrows in RSS view to jump to the next article. If the RSS view shows just a portion of the article, I can tap Web at the top to view the full article on the website.

I also have the option of viewing the feeds in a folder and selecting a particular feed to read. If I’m behind on my reading this lets my prioritize the sites I really need to check and mark all the others read with one click.

Sharing and Saving

It provides access to variety of services for saving and sharing articles. You can choose which ones to display and in what order.

I would like the service Pinterest to added, and the Create a Task services to include Google Tasks.


I don’t like that when I choose to send an article to my Evernote account, it doesn’t allow me to choose which notebook or add tags. When setting up the Evernote service in Mr. Reader I can specify a default notebook and choose to send a link or the entire article, but I can not change these options for each article. Instead I can choose to use the Email Article option entering my Evernote email address, and in the subject field specifying a notebook (@Tech), and including tags (#ipad #reader #rss). But the Email Article option is only available on the RSS screen.

If I choose to view the Web version of the article, Email Article disappears from the Send options.


When I choose to send an article to Diigo, I can add a description, tags, mark it as private, or set it to Read Later. I wish it would show suggested tags like the browser bookmarklet does. This helps me consistently use the same tags (utility or utilities? GoogleApps or Google.Apps?).


This reader offers a lot of personalization options. You can choose to show only folders with unread items and set sorting options to chronological or grouped by feed. There are four themes, with the option to download an additional four. You can reposition the actions toolbar to left, right or bottom; and choose a font family and size. There are several Mark as Read options including those articles older than a certain number of days/weeks.

I’ve been using Mr. Reader for several weeks now. It is not free, but definitely worth the cost of $3.99. What reader do you use on your iPad?


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