Accessing Files on the School Server From Anywhere

NetStorage is now available for students and teachers. It allows you to access your files and folders on the school’s server from any Internet connected device, from any location, using a browser or app.

For example, you are working on your lesson plans at home and need to access the slideshow you saved on the school server while at school. Just start your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) on your computer, and access our NetStorage site by clicking the link on the High School website. Log in with your Novell username and password. You will see all the same folders and files on the server that you see when you are at school, logged into your station. You will not be able to see any files that you have saved locally to your school computer, such as on the Desktop.

You can also access your files on a smart phone or tablet using a DAV client app. I’ve used WebDAV Navigator on my iPad, which is also available for the iPhone and Android devices.

I’ve created a handout that leads you through accessing NetStorage, uploading and downloading, and managing your files and folders. It also shows you how to set up access to NetStorage in the WebDAV Navigator app. This handout is available on the High School website homepage for student reference.


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