I get satisfaction from using technology to optimize my productivity. IFTTT (If This Then That) is one of my favorite automation tools. Using this free site, I’ve set up a few “recipes” to automate tasks for me.

While reading my feeds, I save noteworthy resources in Diigo. Using IFTT I can simultaneously bookmark a site and tweet it out by tagging it with “tweet.”

I use Evernote to manage my to-do lists (The Secret Weapon). The simpliest and quickest way to add a task from my phone is by sending a text message. Using IFTTT I can send a text message to IFTTT and it appears as a task/note in my Evernote account.

My daughter posts some great pictures to Instagram. I like to backup those images by having IFTTT send them to Flickr as well.

If I get a receipt emailed to me, it will automatically be copied to my Receipts notebook in Evernote.

The process of setting up recipes is very easy. You select your Channels (Gmail and Evernote), set the trigger (email message with the word receipt), and then choose the resulting action (copy to Evernote).

With 57 available channels there is a huge number of possible recipes. A great place to start is the IFTTT Community where you will find 43,000+ shared recipes. For example, you can schedule an event in your Google Calendar by sending a a text message, get a text message (bring your umbrella) when the day’s forecast calls for rain, automatically upload to dropbox any photos on facebook that you’re tagged in, get an email when new ninja items are posted to Etsy, or automatically save email attachments to Google Drive. Using a Weemo, you can create recipes to turn on the Christmas lights when the sun sets, send a text message when a door opens, or turn on a light when someone likes one of your instagram picture (ok-maybe this is taking it too far).

What recipes can you use?


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