Creating and Publishing eBooks

At FETC I attended the Creating and Publishing eBooks session by English Prof Louis Monlina, of Miami Dade College. Below are my notes from his presentation.

Publishing Tools

  • iBooks Author: Mac platform, can include videos, and other media, has a quiz generation tool, free
  • Scrivener: Mac, $45, export in many formats in addition to epub
  • Book Creator: $4.99, iOS app, includes multimedia, epub format; this is what he used for all his books; can add music from iTunes library or record your voice; export as ePub or PDF
  • Express Books: free, iOS app, not as powerful, maybe a good student tool
  • Pages: Mac, saves as epub. Not the best choice
  • Creative Book Builder: $3.99, iOS app


  • Kindle: ePub, Mobi, Text
  • Nook: ePub, PDF
  • iPad: ePub, PDF, Fixed Format


Typically submit Word file and they will generate the book and sell it for you.

  • Lulu
  • Smashword: linked to Amazon and Kindle
  • Graphicly: $200 and will send to Kindle iBooks, etc.
  • Apple: get an ISBN number (epub bud-website to do this for $5); wait 4 week or so
  • Amazon: provide ebook with guidelines on how to format; complicated.

New Forms of Self-Publishing

  • Atavist: iPad app, publishes on their site and sends to other aggregators
  • Tactilize: app, website like a blog of books, advertise a book, also publishes music and art

Teaching and Learning with eBooks

  • With ebooks can easily highlight and add notes
  • Share highlights with others.
  • Active Learning: brings books to life, interactive, clickable

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