YouTube EDU


YouTube is now available for our Willard students during school hours, YouTube EDU that is.

YouTube EDU is a sub-section of YouTube that contains high-quality educational content from the Khan Academy, Stanford, TED-Ed, MIT, and many other partners. It limits access to non-educational content, disables comments, and blocks advertisements. Students cannot log in to their Youtube accounts or upload videos.

Willard Teachers logged into Novell still have full access to all Youtube and all its features.


Schools have the ability to make accessible selected videos not included in YouTube EDU. If a teacher finds a video that is not on YouTube EDU that they want students to be able to access during school hours, they can send the web address of the video to their building’s instructional coach to request that it be made accessible. 


Teachers can log into YouTube using their Willard Google accounts to upload videos. When at school, teachers must be logged into Novell in order to be able to log into their Youtube accounts. For students to be able to access this uploaded video during school hours, teachers will need to send the web address of the video to their building’s instructional coach so that it can be made accessible.

In the past, I recommended teachers use Vimeo to share their videos. We have had to start blocking Vimeo due to the noneducational content being accessed by our students during school hours.


On your class website or in your Moodle course, we recommend that you ONLY LINK to any Youtube videos and not embed them. Embedding the videos does not work on all sites, and can sometimes result in students having full access to the Youtube site.

Recommended Resource: Teachers’ Guide to Using Videos by Catlin Turker


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