Which Cloud Did I Put That In?

Image representing CloudMagic as depicted in C...

Image via CrunchBase

“Can you tell me the log in for that iTunes account your set up for me last year?” 

“Yes, I know I saved that information. Give me a minute to find it. I’ll get back to you.” 

Where did I save that? Is it in Evernote, or in Google Drive, or maybe Dropbox? My cloud storage includes several services. All of which serve certain purposes. I have a system. But sometimes the rules for the system change as I go along. Had I been using CloudMagic when I got the request for iTunes account, there’s a good chance that I could have located the information in seconds and avoided the “I’ll get back to you.”

CloudMagic is a search engine for all your data. It lets you search many services through one search box. The list of services is robust but I’d like to see Diigo added.


For example, I searched for “nonpublic” (something I have to do for Federal Programs) and CloudMagic pulled up the emails I’d sent/received regarding this task, the scheduled appointment on my calendar, the templates I have stored in Google Drive, and the past records I have in Evernote!

resultsThe results are displayed in a list grouped by service. You can filter results by type. Clicking on a result will show a preview, in most instances. If needed, you can click a link to open the result where it is stored.

CloudMagic supports advanced searches using operators. Which means I can search for a message from a particular contact, an exact phrase, a file type, a tweet from a certain person, etc.

You can access the magic search box in several places:

browser button

  • In Google search, Gmail or Google Drive: After I installed the browser extension, MagicCloud search boxes appeared in the top right corners of my Gmail and Google Drive. You can click on the red square to drag the box to a better location if need, and can collapse the box to just a button by clicking the chevron to the left of the red square.


Even better, now when I do a search using Google, my cloud results are displayed in a box off the the right.




You can sign up for a free account that allows 50 previews per month. A preview is when you click on a search result. Pro accounts ($4.99 a month) have unlimited previews.

Note: When you first add a service it might take a while for all the data to be indexed. So don’t be disappointed if your first search doesn’t find everything. FAQs says: “If you are not frequently using CloudMagic, we delete your index and rebuild it when you come back. In both cases, after some time – depending on your account size – all search results should be available.” I wonder what frequently means.

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