Going Paperless: Distributing Handouts to Students Digitally

A teacher recently asked me, “How can I easily distribute a digital template to students that they can then edit?”

gClassFolders for Google Drive is the answer. Not only will it provide an easy way to distribute files to students, it also generates assignment folders for individual students organized by period and course, to be used by students to submit work. A big thank you to Bjorn Behrendt and Andrew Stillman for their work in developing and updating this script!

Teacher View

This script creates these folders in the teacher’s account:

  • Class View: This is one folder for the course to house files that are only VIEWABLE by everyone in the class. So anything you place in this folder will be viewable by all students enrolled in this course, regardless of what period they are attending. Example: Syllabus, worksheet templates
  • Class Edit:  This is one folder for the course to hold files that are EDITABLE by everyone in the COURSE. Example: Group assignments
  • Assignment Folders:  One assignment folder is generated for each student. This is only between the teacher and the particular student. Example: Student work
  • Teacher: This is one folder used by gClassHub to store files that integrate with the applications.  This is only viewable by the Teacher. Example: Doctopus


Student View

The script creates these 3 folders in the student account: Edit, View and Assignment Folder.

student view


  1. Export class data from the Student Records.
  2. Install the gClassFolders script in a new Google Docs spreadsheet.
  3. Import all your students into this spreadsheet.
  4. Run the script to create folders in your Google Drive and all your students’ Google Drives.

I’ve published a gclass folders to lead you through the steps of setting up it for your students. You can also join the gClassFolder Google+ Community for additional ideas on use as well as help.


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