Boutique of Educational Resources

OpenEd, the largest educational resource catalog, has launched a new user interface with additional features. This free boutique of 250,000+ resources includes videos, lessons plan, quizzes, games, and interactive exercises from many sites including: Khan Academy, Learnist, Learning Registry, OER Commons, Curriki, Learn Zillion, Shmoop, PBS, and WatchKnowLearn.


What makes the OpenEd catalog exceptional, a boutique, is the quality of the varied resources. The site uses semantic spiders (or an octopus) to gather data on resources (alignment to standards, relevant ages/grades, rating, and duration). Then a team of teachers with Common Core and domain knowledge validate the resources. This has generated a catalog that has several resources for every standard.

The interface is very easy to use and an account is NOT required. You can use the Directory to search by keyword or drill down by subject. Subjects include the expected core subjects but also includes Foreign Languages, Music, Drama and Theater, Fine Arts, etc. You can also filter results by grade level. The By Standards menu allows you to drill down by standard, which includes Common Core Standards as well as a few others, such as the Next Generation Science Standards. You can link to any resource on your existing class website, blog, ecourse, etc.

Need an article to teach a Reading Literacy Standard in your Biology course? Access the Reading: Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects (9-12) section and click on the appropriate standard. Need some ideas for teaching “Use precise language and domain-specific vocabulary to manage the complexity of the topic?” Clicking this Common Core Language Arts Standard for High School will provide a couple video lessons and a video of an interview with an author.

You can easily create a shared Playlist of resources for your students. To create a playlist you will need to register for a free account. You will be provided with a web address to be used to share your playlist. Your students will NOT need an OpenEd account to utilize the playlist.


You can create a Course and organize resources by topic within it. When you add a topic to your course, you can choose to select a standard to go with it. This will then provide a list of recommended resources appropriate for this standard and grade level. You can then choose which of these resources to assign to this topic. Your students will need accounts to be able to access your course. You can add multiple classes to a course if you teach more than one section of a course. Your students can then enroll using the code provided for their specific class. So a course is basically a robust playlist that can contains resources organized by topic, and which is accessible only by logged in students with the course code.


I’m sure teachers will find many useful resources here. I especially like the By Standard search and being able to create playlist that can be easily shared. Take a look at OpenEd and tell me what you think.


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