Gaming it Up with Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a new free service that has popped up in my PLN several times lately. Like Socrative and InfuseLearning, Kahoot! is an web-based student response system.


The teacher can create a quiz (multiple choice questions with right answers), survey (multiple choice questions with no right answers), or discussion (1 multiple choice question with no right answer). The questions can include images and/or videos and have up to 4 possible answers. Time limits for each question be set to anywhere between 5 second to two minutes, or they can be teacher paced. The question order can be edited after entering the questions. Creating Kahoots on mobile devices is still in beta so users may experience a few quirks.

Students go to on their device and enter the pin for the quiz, as provided by the teacher, and then enter their name. The teacher can also post or email a link for students to use to access the quiz. The teacher displays the quiz via a projector.


photoStudents then enter an answer to the first question by tapping the correct color on grid displayed on their device. Neither the questions or answers are displayed on the student’s device.

They earn points for correct answers. Being the first to respond correctly earns the student the maximum points. Student receive feedback after each questions showing how many point they need to catch up with the current leader.

The leaderboard is displayed at the end of the quiz showing the positions of students. Students can also rate the quiz.



  • Web-based so no software to install
  • Free accounts for teachers and no accounts required for students
  • Works on multiple platforms including tablets, laptops and phones
  • Allows the embedding of video and images in questions
  • No set limits on the number of participants
  • Very easy to use

I could see this being used as a quick formative assessment, such an exit ticket. It is not as robust in features as Socrative and InfuseLearning, thus the ease of use. I think students will enjoy the gaming component of this student response system.

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