New iOS Apps for Google Docs and Sheets

If you or your students are using an iPad to work on Google Docs or Google Sheets, there are new free apps that you may want to install:


  • When you open the new apps, you will see your most recently edited files.
  • Access the Details button to: share, remove, star, rename, or get a link to the file.
  • The apps also come with offline support built in, so you can easily view, edit and create files without an Internet connection.
  • You can choose which files to make available offline by using the “keep on device” slider button available in Details.
  • In a document you can use the Comment button to leave feedback on your student’s work.
  • You can switch between a school account and a personal account.
  • You can easily edit spreadsheets now on an iPad.
  • The Google Drive app is still available and can be used to to view and organize all of your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos and more.
  • If you select a document or spreadsheet from within the Google Drive App, it will open in either the Google Docs or Google Sheets app.